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Budgeting & Forecasting Services

While financial planning is crucial for business, what makes execution of financial planningsuccessful is budgeting and forecasting. Budgeting allows you to understand whether you will have enough finance to continue with your operations smoothly for a particular period. And forecasting helps determine the financial status of the business and future financial projections with the use of historical data.

A budget helps in preparing a business’s financial plan to better manage monthly, quarterly and annual cash inflows and outflows. While forecasting helps in identifying trends that can be used to compare the company’s financial position with its own historical data, competitors as well as to other companies in the same industry.Budgeting is preparing a financial planner while forecasting is to use this exact planner and predict whether the company will meet or exceed the expectations from the budget. It is important to understand how budgeting is different from forecasting to be able to perform both the activities with finesse.

Why do you need Budgeting & Forecasting

No matter what industry your business belongs to or the size of operation of your business You will always have to prepare a budget and forecast plan even if it is not mandatory. Let us understand why is it so important -

Budgeting and Forecasting Services, We Offer

Partner with us for outsource of your business’ budgeting and forecasting services today and be assured of an accurate picture of your business in terms of performance, with help you do by preparing the following -

Operating Budgets

Quarterly, half-yearly or annually for the company and its departments, annual costs of the different projects are also included in the operating budget

Project Budgets

Budget for the entire life of a project, they are used to control and report Individual costs for a project

Capital Budgets

Capital Budget helps identify, assess, and plan for a company’s capital needs, to meet their goals and objectives.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting that helps in identifying budget variances and thus should be prepared along with the budget.

Why Choose Whiz Consulting for Your Budgeting and Forecasting Services

If you are in search of budgeting and forecasting services in theUS, our team of experts at Whiz Consulting is the right choice for you as it has the following advantages -

Cost Reduction in comparison with other alternatives
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Use of advanced budgeting & forecasting software
Providing a strategic business planning process
Customized service to industry specific needs

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