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Invoice Processing Services

Invoice processing is a vital part of your business’s daily operations as this is the process and documentation of inflow and outflow of funds. Most of the core business function is reflected in invoices, as it shows how much sale is conducted or how much cost you have incurred in terms of raw material. The number of invoices both income and outgoing increases with the growth in your business, and this might overwhelm you. Increase in the number of invoices means an increase in inaccuracy which can result in dissatisfaction among customers and suppliers.

But one primary invoice which needs to be processed without zero error is the invoices in which there is an outflow of money. There is two type of such invoices – Invoice based on Purchase Order (PO) and Invoice based on Non-Purchase Order (Non-PO). Invoice processing is handled manually or by way of automated software. Manual invoice processing can be time-consuming as well as a lengthy procedure while purchasing an invoice processing software can not be a feasible option for the small and medium enterprises.

Services We Include in Our Invoice Processing Services

We at Whiz Consulting has been offering customized invoice solutions to global organizations. With the service, we assist with automatic utilization and processing accounts payable. We aim to extend our help to small and moderate-sized businesses in rationalizing their accounting processes tax calculation, payroll management and bringing down the capital involvement.

  • High-end invoice processing software
  • Matching invoices with purchase orders
  • Crafting receipts for the e-invoices
  • Testing, handling & cashing
  • Auditing of scanned invoices
  • Obtaining scanned invoices from the client
  • Reconciliation of audited scanned invoices
  • Elaborate tracking of every transaction
  • Manual as well as automated Data Entry
  • Preparing PO receipts for supplier invoices
  • Document Indexing
  • Generating extensive reports

How Are Invoice Processing Services Performed at Whiz Consulting?

Sharing Invoices

The invoice can be shared either by email or via cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Processing of Invoice

These invoices are then reviewed and analysed by our experts for any inaccuracy or omissions.

Invoices Sent

Once the invoices are processed, the data entry process begins into the accounting software of your own choice.

Why Hire Whiz Consulting for Invoice Processing Services

Your search for best invoice processing servicesends here at Whiz Consulting. Outsource invoice processing services in USAto the expert team at Whiz Consulting and be assured of getting an exceptional level of customer service and quick turnaround times.Few of the reasons why you should hire us for youroutsource invoice processing services are -

Regular Report

Regularly view detailed reports of all the invoices that are processed along with the status of your invoices and reconciliation summary statements

Reduce Burden in Hiring

Get relief from the procedure of employing and training in-house invoice processors.

Qualified Team

Get accuracy level of 99.9% with our skilled and experienced invoice processing team


Efficient and quick invoice processing as per your requirement


Save on the expense of purchasing a high priced invoice processing software


Your information is safe and secure with us as we have efficient data security measures in place.

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